Tanja Davis is originally from Germany. She has done an Apprenticeship as a Stud groom over there and later did her Masters in Studwork. She has worked in various Studs and Stables as well as 9 years in an Equine Veterinary clinic. During that time she has worked with a number of well known German Equine Photographers, then standing in front of the camera presenting and holding the horses. From those years she has learned what to look for and what works in a picture. Tanja just loves taking good pictures by herself and is always out to get that 'special' shot. Friends and family continue to encourage her to make more of her talents.


Published so far in the following magazines:

Horse & Hound

BD Magazine

Chiltern & Thames Rider

Horse Deals incl. Coverpage (Jan'12)

German Magazin 'Der Trakehner'
Neumuenster stallion catalogue